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Welcome to the 2013 edition of the Elsevier Compendium Top Ten Canadian Guidelines Plus One. This collection has become a favourite of busy physicians across Canada. By collecting many of the most relevant guidelines together, this reference helps guide us in the management of our patients on a daily basis.

This edition incorporates many updated guidelines. The annual changes for hypertension are highlighted as we continue to reducing the vascular risk by striving for the target blood pressures. This version also has the new updated lipid guidelines, which have not been revised since 2009, and this new rendition sheds light on the latest in how we should manage our patients with hypercholesteromia in light of the introduction of non-HDL cholesterol amongst many other new concepts. In addition, the new diabetes guidelines are included with new insights into how to diagnose diabetes, what pre diabetes means and a new guidance on the pharmacologic treatment of diabetes. The review of the literature is completed every 5 years and hence it marks a significant milestone in the landscape of diabetes care.

Also included in this edition are new guidelines on the treatment of gout. Many physicians wanted information on this common condition. In the present absence of Canadian guidelines, we feel the recently released US guidelines to be relevant. Hopefully, in future editions we will continue to include guidelines of this nature that practicing primary care physicians have identified.

As with previous edition, this 2013 edition will not just reproduce the guidelines verbatim but instead put in the key elements in a digestible format so that we can act quickly and effectively on the recommendations in the guidelines. This allows us physicians to practice guidelines-based medicine in a very pragmatic way. To that end, the C-Change guidelines are once again included. These guidelines amalgamate the recommendations of the multiple guidelines in the cardiovascular realm. By having one guideline that encompasses lipids, hypertension and diabetes recommendation, we can truly treat the patient as a whole as opposed to the sum of the parts. With the provincial ministries of health agreeing recently to officially adopt and promote the C-Change guidelines1, these take on added value.

I hope that you will find great value in this new edition. The process of innovation, clinical trials, review of data, and the creation of recommendations are only worthwhile if we as the practicing physicians take action on those recommendations. Because only then will the labours of all those that went before us be realized, and only then will we advance the health and well-being of our patients.

Peter Lin, MD, CCFP

1. From Innovation to Action: The First Report of the Health Care Innovation Working Group (of the Council of the Federation).
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Johanne Blais, MD, MSc, CCMF, FCMF
Department of Family Medicine
Laval University, Quebec City, Quebec

Peter Lin, MD, FRCPC
Past Medical Director
University of Toronto Health and Wellness Centre
Founding Member
"Learning Through Understanding"
Toronto, Ontario

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Patricia Holtz
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Marc Thibodeau

The information and opinions contained herein reflect the views and experience of the author(s) and editor(s) and are not attributable to Takeda Canada or the publisher. Usage and dosages of individual products discussed in this publication may not necessarily be those approved by Health Canada. This information is for educational purposes only, and is not intended to recommend or endorse the use of any products mentioned above and beyond those contained in the Canadian product monograph. The editors and publishers have taken care to ensure all information contained herein is accurate and up to date at time of publication. However, readers are advised to confirm that information, especially with regard to drug information, complies with the latest regulations and standards of practice.

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PLEASE NOTE: The guidelines contained herein are presented as summaries only. These summaries are not intended to replace the full Canadian clinical guidelines and have not been officially endorsed by the original authoring organization(s). Readers are encouraged to consult the full Canadian clinical guidelines for more comprehensive information. Information on sourcing the full guidelines is included in each chapter and in the Resources section.

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